ELEC 445: Inverse Problems and Imaging

Classical and modern solution methods for inverse problems including image de-blurring and analysis of experimental data.

An introduction to inverse problems that arise in mathematical descriptions of physical systems, including image deblurring and analysis of data from experiments. Covers analytic and computational tools for solving inverse problems, based on classical regularization methods and Bayesian inference, as well as theoretical properties of inverse problems and solutions.


There are no specific prerequisites, however ELEC 441 is strongly recommended preparation. Papers in analysis of experiments, probability, inference, and programming will also be useful preparation for ELEC 445.

Study Guide:

Information on coursework, recommended reading, etc.

Course Notes:

We are using the 2016 version of the course notes written by Sze M Tan, Colin Fox and Geoff K. Nicholls.

Assignments in 2016: